Chantal Hackett Sing House

Chantal Hackett is one of the Ottawa
Valley's most inspiring success stories.

The soul of this young artist can be heard
in each song that she sings, and her
complete mastery of singing is
remarkable. Her charm, poise and
astonishing talent, just gets stronger
with each and every performance.

Chantal has enjoyed classical training in
voice, piano and guitar and has spent her
life immersed in the exciting world of
pop, hip-hop and funk.

This remarkable talent has, over the past
five years, turned her passion for singing
and songwriting and all things musical
into one of the most successful music
schools in Ottawa.

She is the founder of Sing House
Studios, a multi-musical school,
recording studio and video recording

This year Chantal is bringing some of her
gifted students to bring some Sing House
Christmas spirit to the Light Up the Night
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