Light Up The Night was the dream child of Wayne
Rostad and a group of town's people who wanted
an out-door concert in the heart of their small the heart of winter!

Wayne, once a longtime resident of Pakenham,
which is a sister village to Almonte, had written his
classic Christmas song, Christmas In The Valley.
To say that the song was an instant success would
be an understatement! From the moment it made it's
debut, the song became a Christmas standard. The
town was inspired to create an event around
Christmas In The Valley and their famous favourite

Wayne and the team approached store owners up
and down main street and in fact throughout the
entire town, and on the very first Friday in
December, 1991, Light Up The Night was born.

Since that night and for the past twenty-seven
years, Light Up The Night has grown and
prospered, and Wayne Rostad and Friends continue
to support and carry on the tradition.

Join Wayne this year for Light Up The Night!  
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